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Our strategic partner, musicMagpie, is a recommerce leader in both the UK and US and is helping us to reduce e-waste through our circular economy model.

E-waste: the problem

E-waste is discarded electronic products with a battery or plug, such as mobile phones, tablets or computers.

The UN estimates that over 53 million tonnes of e-waste are generated globally every year, based on 2019’s figures.

It expects this figure to double by 2050, making it the fastest growing domestic waste stream in the world.

E-waste which isn’t recycled can pose many environmental issues, especially if it ends up in landfill.

Failing to recycle e-waste means precious materials contained in tech products can’t be reused including iron, copper and gold.

Building a new smartphone accounts for approximately 85% to 95% of the device’s total CO2e emissions for two years.

2.8 million tonnes of CO2 emissions could be saved if all our old small electricals that are being thrown away or hoarded were recycled.

You can help to make a Difference

Manufacturing a new smartphone accounts for approximately 85% to 95% of a smartphone’s carbon footprint. You can help to tackle the problem of e-waste by recycling unused devices or subscribing for your next smartphone through Utelize.

Our cost-effective and sustainable Apple subscription for iPhones & iPads as an alternative to purchasing.

Our new and innovative subscription service is designed to transform the way that businesses provide Apple technology to their users.

Helping corporate IT teams to reduce costs, release resource and improving end-user support.

Boost your
ESG Credentials

Support the circular economy through device recycling to deliver more sustainable IT.

Old tech is no use sitting in a storeroom depreciating in value and becoming obsolete. Reselling and recycling your old tech, in support of the circular economy  will ensure you are reducing the carbon emissions involved in manufacturing new tech, and the damaging effects of e-waste, while strengthening your ESG credentials.

We plant 2 Mangrove trees for every device we provide, helping to offset the lifetime CO2e produced.

We’re committed to fully offsetting the carbon equivalent (C02e) emissions of any devices that we supply. Enabling our customers to be carbon neutral on their device investments within the typical 5 year lifetime of a device.

Our partners, musicMagpie, have strong Environmental, Social & Corporate Governance credentials (ESG), as demonstrated by their qualification for the London Stock Exchange’s Green Economy Mark.

This mark means that more than 50% of their revenues from products and services are contributing to environmental objectives such as climate change mitigation and adaptation, waste and pollution reduction, and the circular economy.